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L.A.F. Plain

Design: Geke Lensink / Jesse Visser

This four-legged chair has a clear design with a steel base which makes the chair very solid and strong. The chair is suitable for dining, conference and waiting areas. The seat of the L.A.F. Plain is easy to clean and the steel base is available in two heights.

seat available in
  • Orange Orange
  • Red Red
  • Oxblood Oxblood
  • Ochreous Ochreous
  • Olive Olive
  • Taupe Taupe
  • Forest Forest
  • Lime Lime
  • Green Green
  • Light Blue Light Blue
  • Petrol Petrol
  • Dark Blue Dark Blue
  • Black Black
base available in
  • White White
  • Nickel Nickel
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  • Oxblood Chromed

    Oxblood Chromed

  • Ochreous Chromed

    Ochreous Chromed

  • Olive Chromed

    Olive Chromed

  • Taupe Chromed

    Taupe Chromed

  • Forest Chromed

    Forest Chromed

  • Lime Chromed

    Lime Chromed

  • Green Chromed

    Green Chromed

  • Light Blue Chromed

    Light Blue Chromed

  • Petrol Chromed

    Petrol Chromed

  • Dark Blue Chromed

    Dark Blue Chromed

  • Black Chromed

    Black Chromed

  • Orange Chromed

    Orange Chromed

  • Red Chromed

    Red Chromed



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