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L.A.F. Task

Design: Geke Lensink / Jesse Visser

This chair has a clear design and is very suitable as a home office, conference or office workbench chair. The L.A.F. Task is a mobile chair and has a height adjustable swivel base, which instantly makes the chair functional.

seat available in
  • Orange Orange
  • Red Red
  • Oxblood Oxblood
  • Ochreous Ochreous
  • Olive Olive
  • Taupe Taupe
  • Forest Forest
  • Lime Lime
  • Green Green
  • Light Blue Light Blue
  • Petrol Petrol
  • Dark Blue Dark Blue
  • Black Black
base available in
  • Matt Chrome Matt Chrome
  • Black Black
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height adjustable

Swivel base

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  • Light Blue Nickel

    Light Blue Nickel

  • Petrol Nickel

    Petrol Nickel

  • Dark Blue Nickel

    Dark Blue Nickel

  • Black Nickel

    Black Nickel

  • Orange Nickel

    Orange Nickel

  • Red Nickel

    Red Nickel

  • Oxblood Nickel

    Oxblood Nickel

  • Ochreous Nickel

    Ochreous Nickel

  • Olive Nickel

    Olive Nickel

  • Taupe Nickel

    Taupe Nickel

  • Forest Nickel

    Forest Nickel

  • Lime Nickel

    Lime Nickel

  • Green Nickel

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